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Principal's Message

Andrew J. Huber     Principal


Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!  It is an honor and a privilege to lead the staff and students of Carlisle High School as well as a great responsibility to serve the Carlisle community.  It is our responsibility at Carlisle High School to prepare our students for a successful life after high school by providing superior academic and citizenship skills to our students.  This will look different for each student while attending Carlisle High School as each student will have their own individual pathway to graduation; which will then lead to either a two-year program, a four-year program, joining a military service, joining the workforce, or engaging in community service activities.

Please encourage your child to stretch their educational experience here at Carlisle High School by joining one of our numerous extra curricular activities.  Whether it is one of our sports teams, a fine arts or performing arts program, or a school based club, each extra curricular activities build leadership skills, citizenship skills, and increases a student’s academic experience. 

Finally, I want to thank you for being part of our school community.  You can support our students by attending events, belonging to a booster group, or by giving your input to building decisions.  Should you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly. It is a pleasure to serve you and your child.

Go Indians!


Andrew J. Huber

HS Principal