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Carlisle Food Services

Gail French Director of Food Service

Gail French Director of Food Service



Gail French              Director of Food Service

Phone- 937-746-8969 x 560


Stephanie Hodge           Food Service Secretary

Phone- 937-746-8969 x 660

School Lunch News for May




For the past two years, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has offered waivers to Child Nutrition (CN) Programs across the United States, allowing these programs to offer all students breakfast and lunch, at no charge.  These waivers will expire on June 30, 2022.  This means that starting next school year, 2022-2023, the CN programs across the nation will return to normal, pre- pandemic operations.  Families will once again be asked to complete and submit a current school year Free/Reduced Meal Application if they would like to see if their students qualify based on the income of all family members.  In the past years, the first 30 days of the school year carryover status from the previous school year.  Since there were very few meal applications submitted over the past couple of years, there are a few things that parents/guardians can do to ensure their students are ready to start the 2022-23 school year and eliminate the possibility of charges at the start of the school year

  1. Complete a 2021-22 meal application before May 26th, 2022.  This will give the student(s) a 30-day carryover status to start the 2022-23 school year and give families time to complete the new 2022-23 meal application at the start of the school year.
  2. Be on the watch for the new 2022-23 meal application to complete as soon as it is made available (sometime after July 1st) by USDA before the start of the school year.  Doing this will cover the student for the entire 2022-23 school year and no other steps will be necessary unless there is an income change during the school year.

The Carlisle Local School District Food Service Department will provide notification as soon as USDA makes the new 2022-23 meal application available, in order for all families to be able to complete the meal application as soon as possible at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year.  Meal applications can be completed in two ways…

  1. Meal applications can be printed from the Food Service webpage on the Carlisle Local Schools website (, or picked up at the student’s school. These meal applications need to be completed in entirety and returned to the student’s home school.
  2. Meal applications can be completed online by going to

To visit the Carlisle Food Services Department webpage, please do the following…

  1. Go to the Carlisle Local School webpage (
  2. Choose “Departments”, located on the top of the webpage
  3. Choose “Food Services” located to the left of the webpage

The Carlisle Food Service Department is committed to assisting families and making this transition back to normal operations as easy as possible.  Please feel free to contact our offices at 937-746-8969, ext. 560


 The unique challenges of preparing and serving food this year is real. Nationwide, we are facing unprecedented challenges with the supply chain and availability to some of our menu items.   While it is our goal to serve the posted menu each day, this may not be possible until the supply chain issues are resolved.  Please know that we will do our best to substitute the scheduled menu item with another item that is as similar as possible.  

Thanks for understanding

Gail French

Food Service Director


The Carlisle Local School District participates in the National School Lunch Program.  This allows us to serve breakfast and lunch at school daily.  All meals will be FREE this school year due to the Families First Corona-Virus Response Act. 

The food we serve meet the state and federal requirements, which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines and Smart Snack guidelines.  Even though all students eat for free we are still encouraging our families to complete a Free and Reduced Meal Application.  These applications are used in determining P-EBT payments, fee waivers and Title 1 funding for the school.  



Please click here to start your online application

Easier, faster and more confidential than paper. This allows you to easily apply for meal benefits for your children. Click Start An Application and the Family Portal will walk you through the process in just a few minutes. Your completed application will be sent to your school district so your children can receive benefits quickly and confidentially.


 The winning recipe for good nutrition is eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Spring and Summer are a great time to start enjoying your favorite fresh fruits such as Strawberries, Oranges and Grapes.


 This institution is an equal opportunity provider.