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6th Grade & Ancient Mesopotamia

Posted on: November 18, 2021

The 6th grade Social Studies class is wrapping up their unit about Ancient Mesopotamia. Students were put in groups and assigned one of the four different empires. They were to read about their assigned empire and find two achievements that demonstrated that the people of Mesopotamia were a developed civilization. Students created props and scripts to become a "mechanical diorama." (think museum displays where a person can push a button and the display comes to life.) Each group set up two different dioramas. All students in the diorama were frozen in place until someone pushed their paper "button" to activate them. They would then talk about the achievement they studied and act it out with a partner. When they were done, they would freeze back in to place and the next diorama would be activated. The students worked well together, learning not only about the achievements of the Mesopotamia Empires, but also how to solve conflicts in their groups.